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Staff and Research

Old Norse research is primarily literary and cultural historical. Our faculty’s research covers a broad range of Old Norse genres – sagas, myths, history, Eddic and skaldic poetry – and centres around methodological and theoretical issues, such as genre, discourse, orality/literacy, memory culture, as well as critical text editing and translating. Our research is interdisciplinary and often carried out in cooperation with historians, historians of religion, archaeologists and linguists on both a national and international basis.


Professor Stephen A. Mitchell, Harvard University, has received an honorary doctorate at Aarhus University in 2015. Mitchell is a leading world figure in the field of Medieval Scandinavian Studies, he has published extensively within this field since in 1987 he became Professor of Scandinavian and Folklore at Harvard University, he has received numerous prices, and is the editor of the prestigious book series ‘The Milman Parry Collection’. Since 2007 Mitchell has hosted the Harvard Summer School in Viking Studies at Aarhus University www.au.dk/aarsfest/aarsfest-2015/aeresdoktorer/professor-stephen-a-mitchell/


Old Norse studies at Aarhus University encourage international cooperation between researchers and students through Visiting Professorships, teaching exchange, frequent seminars and conferences. Over the last few years several international scholars have been affiliated with the program.